We’re a 501 3(c) Charity Helping to Conserve Manatees and Dugongs

Sirenian International works to advance the scientific knowledge about manatees, dugongs, and their aquatic habitats by educating the public and supporting research, conservation and capacity building projects around the world.


Manatees and dugongs  have been on this planet for approximately 50 million years.  Both of these marine mammals can be considered keystone species which means they are important indicators of the health of our aquatic ecosystem. There are significant gaps in our knowledge  of manatee and dugong biology, particularly in underdeveloped countries. Our goal is to research, educate, provide funding and collaborate with fellow researchers, students, and our community to advance the knowledge and promote long-term conservation of this vital species.

We need your help to advance the science and encourage continued research from future scientists. This science can be used to improve existing conservation measures, educate future generations and ultimately protect these species for years to come.


Promote the conservation of manatees and dugong populations around the world through research, education, and inter-cultural collaboration.