Manatee Vocalizations with Interactive Lab


What does the manatee say? Biologist Beth Brady knows, and is ready to share what she has learned by listening to these gentle giants both within rehabilitation facilities and out in the wild.

Sirenian Skeletal Anatomy with Interactive Lab

Bones are old as time, and they have quite the story to tell. Join biologist Danielle Ingle in piecing together a real manatee skeleton while discussing the life history, anatomy, and ecology of these majestic animals. In addition, learn to identify differences between manatee and dugong skulls!

manatee skull

Meet the Sirenians

What are manatees and dugongs and where do they come from? Take a trip down evolutionary history with us to learn more about these curious creatures that live all around our world’s oceans.

Florida manatee
Photo credit: David Schrichte

Skype with a Scientist

Don’t live in Florida and want to learn about Sirenians? We would love to talk to each and every one of you! Whether you are a teacher wanting us to answer questions for your class, or someone just passionate and curious about Sirenians and other areas of marine biology, we can come into your home or classroom to educate you! Hablamos español!

Hire a speaker

Want one of our Sirenian scientists to give a talk at your event or school about their research or just about Sirenians in general? Call us today to schedule!


Research grants

We are interested in supporting research, conservation, and education projects focused on manatee and dugong populations around the world. We have awarded over 15 small grants to projects in Vietnam, Gabon, Colombia, Thailand, Venezuela, Cambodia, Palau, India and Sri Lanka, Belize, Ghana, Honduras, and Puerto Rico. The book below was published using a grant from Sirenian International to educate children in Vietnam about dugongs.

Dugong book