Greetings anatomy enthusiasts! The past few months have been productive for the project – the skeleton is now fully assembled and ready for display! We are going to break up the remaining information in a few blog posts so it isn’t too intense – plus it is fun to add a bit of suspense 😊.…(Read More)

dolphin skull

Hello again friends! The past couple of months have been a big learning curve with the dolphin skeleton project. Remember how brown some of those bones were after the initial hydrogen peroxide soaks? Here is a reminder:                 The bony culprits that were the most brown and smelly…(Read More)


About a year ago, I had the idea to try to put together all the bones in a whole dolphin skeleton. I think bones are the best, and I have always wanted to figure out how to pull this off! It is really early in the process, but here is what has happened so far…(Read More)

manatee vocalization

Living in a Noisy World

Some of our work deals with the study of sound, otherwise known as acoustics in scientific terms. Some sounds have great importance to people such as the voice of a loved one, a ringing telephone, or the plaintive meows of a hungry cat.  However, in life we also hear a lot of noise. Traffic, construction…(Read More)

manatee intern

One of the most common questions we get asked is “what should I do to work with marine mammals?   This is not an easy question to answer and many people we know have taken quite different pathways to get where they are today. However, we are going to gear this blog post to whomever…(Read More)

Who are you and what is your affiliation? I am Dr. Bob Bonde and I am currently retired from the U.S. Geological Survey, Sirenia Project after a 40-year career of studying manatees. I also hold an adjunct professor position with the graduate school at the University of Florida in the Large Animal Clinical…(Read More)

Working in the field is a huge part of biologists day to day activities. Field work is imperative to understand how our chosen species behaves in their natural environment, and for me is my favorite part of doing research. Although field work can take a long time and hopefully produce meaningful scientific results, there are…(Read More)